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Cecily Thomas
The haiku selection was a fairly quick process for me! This haiku was the first on the list, and I immediately knew I wanted to include one of the lamps in Franklin Square. I drive by them almost every day and I love how unique they are!

The process of illustrating usually involves taking reference photos. I honestly couldnít wait to get a closer look at them. The flower detail around the top is my favorite. I looked for any clues to find who made them, but didnít have any luck. That brought me to the Onondaga Historical Association. I had never been there before, so it was amazing to see so many old photos of Syracuse. Unfortunately, all I was able to find about lamps is that they were not always there. They were installed during the restoration in the 80ís.

I would still like to satisfy my curiosity, so Iím sure another trip to the OHA is in the cards for me!

A street lamp's gold glow
warms this chilly winter night
even the moon smiles

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