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Mary Vertigan
As soon as I read the haiku I chose, I thought of Onondaga Lake Park. As a teen, I walked miles by the water sharing crucial gossip with friends. More recently, I lived, kayaked, and rowed on the lake; and took my kids there in strollers. Like many, Iíve been spending lots of time there in the past year. There are people in the robes of other countries, walkers and runners moving with such purpose, and dogs pulling their owners towards interesting scents. Geese wander on the snowiest, sunniest, rainiest days unaware that no one likes them. And yes, no matter what, the sun still rises.

It was enjoyable using whatever materials best serve my ideas, employing diverse materials in unexpected ways. For this piece, metal, paint, block printing and paper folding were combined. Such fun!

Warmth fading to cold
But no matter how much comes,
the sun still rises

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