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Andrew Slezak
I wanted to illustrate something I was familiar with, and I had driven through this area in the past, downtown, and thought the Columbus statue was cool. I know of other Columbus circles. Thereís a statue within a Columbus Circle in Spain that I visited last summer. So I thought it was interesting that Syracuse had a pretty nice one too.

When I went down to do sketches, it was very busy with people and cars. I didnít get a good parking spot, so I didnít want to leave my car for too long. So the drawing was quick, but itís the same composition I used for the final painting. Iím happy with how it came out. I got the natural and manmade elements in balance, and Iím happy with the different textures, the lighting, and the way it captures Syracuseís atmosphere.

sumac growing wild
right in Columbus Circle!
someday, a forest

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