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Meaghan Arbital
The haiku I chose was appealing because it elicits feelings of a beautiful summer day in Syracuse. Sipping warm coffee with the sun on my face and listening to the birds outside sounded like food for the soul. I love animals, so I knew I wanted to include a variety of bird species, as well as a furry companion for the woman in the window to add to the “cozy home” feeling that I was intending for this piece. I researched birds to represent the different species properly, and the dog is modeled after the Labrador my husband grew up with named Luke. I want the illustration to evoke feelings of calm, warm comfort and happiness.

The sun is such an important part of our health, whether we realize it or not. We should always make time to get a little sun on our faces, even when it seems to be hiding in the winter. Taking a moment to relax with a warm drink, enjoying the quiet, or some nice music, goes a long way towards wellness.

Coffee in hand, I
watch the sun dance through the trees.
I drink in birdsong.

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