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Melquea Smith
This haiku reminded me of all of our local musicians, but the street musician closest to my heart is the late guitarist Elijah Harris Jr. His love of Syracuse was powerful. He brought people together through his performances, fostered happiness, and brightened our city streets. I wanted to highlight the impact of music, arts, and community and how those three tie Syracuse together.

I also wanted to depict Syracuse’s South Side, because that hasn’t been featured as intimately as other areas. Cafe Sankofa stands out as caring for the well-being of others—just like Eli did. These contributors to our city deserve more recognition and celebration.

I had been dreaming of participating in the Poster Project since I was in high school. As a visual storyteller, it’s rewarding to me to illustrate the extraordinary that others may not see.

Bright sunlight switches
to soaking rain—we all run
as saxophone plays.

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