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Alyssa Dearborn
I grew up in the Syracuse area and always had an appreciation for Central New York’s wildlife and scenery. When I was a young girl, I remember how polluted Onondaga lake was. Many of the lake’s beautiful creatures began disappearing and the water was getting full of unnatural particles. I was a very sensitive and nature loving child, so seeing the destruction of a natural place close to my home made me sad. As an adult, I am happy to see how much our community has worked to restore Onondaga Lake to better health. It was especially incredible to see native creatures—like eagles—begin to live and breed near the water again. While illustrating this poem, I wanted the design to embody joy, community, and the magic of the natural world. As the eagle dances through the clouds—catching fish and soaring freely—the city of Syracuse looks over the swirling waters of the lake.

Flying on moonlight
above Onondaga's waves
Eagle’s wings dancing

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