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Daniel Shanahan
I like to draw pictures where thereís all kinds of stuff all over the page, all the time, everywhere, and no room for words. I just like it that way, so I knew this project would be a challenge because Iíd have to leave a blank space for the haiku.

I decided Iíd leave a big space in the center, and draw Syracuse in the distance, clouds up in the sky, apple trees and grape vines off to the sides. So far Iím bored to death with my whole idea, so I added a little girl sniffing flowers near the bottom of the blank space.

Then I tried to fit the words into the blank space and they didnít fit! Lucky for me there was room up in the sky because I didnít want to draw the whole thing over again.

Vineyards awaken
Apple trees blossom anew.
Springtime in Upstate.

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