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Mack Muller
When I read this poem, the first word that popped out was “Guinness,” because I like beer. Then I saw that the poem was also referring to Kitty Hoynes, and since that’s one of my favorite bars in downtown Syracuse, I thought I could have a lot of fun with it. The first time I went to Kitty Hoynes I met—not the owner, but a man who worked there called Mike Heagerty. He was very outgoing, whimsical. He had the shaved head, the beard, the comb-over hair. I was going for that kind of hipster vibe in the poster, because that’s what I feel when I go to Kitty Hoynes. I really like the texture in the hair playing off the graphic feature of his face and the beer, and the flowing-ness in the mustache—it shows that he really enjoys the beer—and the off-centered-ness, which really strikes me.

At a corner stool
Beige froth nearly overflows
Silky Guinness poured

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