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Tatiana Diaz
Everyone knows what winter feels like in Syracuse. You know that wind and snow is very real. Itís intense here. So I felt like it was a topic I could relate to.

I think Iím a city person. I come from a small city, and I like cities. Iím not into bugs. I am not a nature person, but I do like to draw trees. I like how the trees make patterns, which was my first thought for the imageóto do something with trees and nature. I feel like I merged the two identities pretty well. I have two girls that look like theyíre from the city. They have curly hair, which I do also, so I put a little bit of myself in there. And then I just tried to make the nature part look cool. Iím exploring patterns in my work now because of this poster, such as the repetition of the trees.

Snow piles high and soft
wind blows the sun through my bones:
Syracuse weather

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