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Ashley Petras
I was drawn to this haiku because it seemed like I could really tell a story about it. The haiku was very mysterious and had a sense of nostalgia to it. I love history as well so I thought that it would be interesting to look into the history of Syracuse’s Railroads. I found a lot of great reference of the train going through the downtown area. I learned that Salt was a major export for the city of Syracuse, which is why Syracuse is often called “Salt City.” I decided to create a scene of the train going through the downtown area to show this part of the city’s history. I also wanted to include the old man’s face in the smoke cloud as a symbol of time and memory. I wanted his gaze to show that he is looking back at the past but also that he is looking forward to how far the city of Syracuse has come through industrial advances.

Salt City Express—
the bright silver reflection
in an old man’s eyes

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