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Cecily Thomas
For me being from Syracuse going to the Dome has always been something exciting even when you’re a kid. I was trying to find a haiku that was about my hometown, but also my university. I like basketball. I like the atmosphere of the games. They’re fun!

It’s an exciting environment to be in—all the people. It’s kind of intense to see everybody to come together.

I wanted to focus on the architecture here because I think that’s something very interesting about Syracuse. I used some of the buildings that I think are most iconic on the campus and had a hill leading up to the dome.

The architecture here is amazing if you take time to look around Syracuse, downtown or on campus, there’s some really cool stuff on the buildings. All you have to do is look up.

Thousands march like ants
Uphill. Wearing orange, blue
Invade a white dome.

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