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Tim Coolbaugh
I wanted to do something that was very personal to me, and one of the things Iíve been doing since 2002 is helping to get dogs and cats that are in kill shelters to places where they will find them homes. I help transport these animals in need. I will go down to Binghamton or Rochester, Watertown or Herkimer and bring them back to Syracuse, where another driver will meet me and take them to the next meeting place. To date, Iíve helped over 2,300 animals. In the big picture it doesnít seem like much but it is the different between life and death for those animals.

I wanted safe place in Syracuse that was recognizable as Syracuse in the background and Clinton Square was the first place I thought of. Itís ironic because right after I took my reference photo they began to erect a new building and it doesnít look quite the same as my poster. That is alright. Nothing stays the same.

Dare I hope again?
Human eyes reveal few truths,
Still, I hope once more.

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