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Madeleine Slade
What I really liked about this poem was the amount of motion in it. It allowed me a strong opportunity to play around with the movement of the water during a storm. Water can be very dynamic. There's ripples and splashes and distorted images and falling raindrops and all sorts of things. When I was a kid, I loved playing in the rain, and I saw lots of other kids playing in it too. But as everyone got older, we stopped. As a young adult, sometimes when I see rain, I can only think of how inconvenient it is or how my clothes will get wet or how my glasses will fog up. But kids see so much more in a moment like that. To them, it can be wondrous and beautiful. I guess I am using this piece to capture those childhood moments and remember what they were like.

Splashing in puddles
Umbrellas spin in the air
A childhood rainstorm

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