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Dianna Wendell
I wanted to show a person alone, but theyíre happy about it, because thereís a comfort in solitude. I definitely like being around people, but sometimes you just have to be yourself, and I think thatís kind of what art is for me, a way to get away from everyone, and just do what you want to do.

Iím also a musician. I play oboe, tenor sax, piano and banjo, and Iím learning ukulele. And Iíve played on the street beforeówith my friends in the city. Itís really fun. But I think this piece is more about playing for yourself, because the haiku says, ďlone violinist, snowy walk.Ē No one is going to be outside at that time. Itís a personal performance, just for that person. I like that.

Lone violinist
strains against a wintry blast.
Snowy walk. Encore.

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