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Lise Sukhu
A lot of people in Syracuse hate the rain, but I think itís beautiful. When itís raining here, I find it nice and calming. Iím from Albany, and Iíve grown used to it and enjoy it. The poem made me think of rain in Syracuse and peopleís connections to it. This is my roommateís dog and this is my nephew, Andre. My roommate went to Corcoran, and she shows me all the things locals do in Syracuse, like the haunted stone crusher at Split Rock Quarry and Green Lakes. My nephew is only 3, but heís really invested in Syracuse and always wants to hear about it. When you have someone older that goes to a school and you look up to her, itís really cool to be able to say, ďMy aunt goes there!Ē So he definitely supports the team.

Dog sleeps safe from rain,
nestled in blankets, my feet
warm up, beneath her

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