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Ryan Brondolo
I always thought the Armory Square park with the shot clock would make a nice picture. I've always liked parks in cities because it seems weird to have this area with trees and grass in the middle of an area where you can't find a patch anywhere. As people, we need to have some nature around us. I didn't want the picture to be super-realistic, so I started with the line drawing first, then put down a yellow wash. I tried to make all the colors by mixing something else with the yellow on the page, giving it a unified feel. This gave everything a nice yellowish glow. I like the yellow because it almost has the nostalgic feeling of a long gone summer day. There were some beautiful buildings in the background, but I prefer the organic shapes of the trees in the foreground. It makes the space feel fun and friendly.

Drawn in by pictures
Block out the rest of the world
Words are in my mind

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