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John McGowan
During my four years here, I have really enjoyed living in Syracuse, in the city especially. Iím from Buffalo, NY, and thereís a visual aesthetic that connects the two citiesósomething in the layout, the architecture, the coloróeven the street names are similar. So I found it familiar when I first visited, probably in high school, and since then Iíve gotten to explore the region. I always go downtown. I go to The Galleries and the Central library at least once a week (I love books). Thatís why I chose that area to illustrate, around Jefferson and Warren streets. It strikes a chord with me, yet itís still unique to this city. Itís not Armory Square, or Tipp Hill, itís not campus. Itís a place that canít quite be named. Itís not seen in brochures or on the news, but thereís something about it thatís distinctly Syracuse.

Lonely concrete world
Sad note from a saxophone
Night in the city

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