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Abbey Lossing
I was looking for a poem about the farmerís market because I like to go there on Saturday and I thought it would be fun to draw all the different food. I like to buy veggies and bread and all the delicious stuff thatís there. I love that amish stand w/ all that cookies. My illustration is more imaginative than realistic. I had the flowers swirling around and turning leaves over head to show the changing seasons. The woman kind of looks like me, but sheís a generic woman. I was going for colors that would go with brown. I tried to get all of the different colors in the bag, so I chose all those different foods. I always use more muted colors so I used them here. I love fall. I like the leaves and cool brisk weather, but not too cold.

Our Farmers' Market
Straddles summer into fall
With luscious bounties

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