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Laura Eckes
I went to Freedom of Espresso and took some pictures, especially of the stained glass windows with the coffee cups. It was fall and the leaves were still on the trees and it was still pretty outside. My painting was based on that coffee shop, but I altered it so it could be any coffee shop.

My favorite season in Syracuse us autumn because of all the beautiful colors. Thatís why I chose to incorporate those colors into my painting. I also like to make sure I have a contrasting accent color, so I chose the turquoise tones to go with the orange and reds.

When it comes to coffee, Iím pretty classic. I just like a nice big cup with milk and sugar. When I get coffee in Armory Square I go to Freedom of Espresso. I like the way it looks in there.

city slowly wakes
coffee aroma drifting
shop windows beckon

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