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Heather Ryerson
The haiku was based on Armory nights, and as soon as I read it, I got a scene in my mindís eye that made it easier to make artwork. When I went down to Armory Square to take photos, I happened to see a person at The Blue Tusk sitting at the bar. To me it looked like he was waiting for someone to show up, so thatís the scene I painted. The viewer would be the person going to meet a friend at a bar; with the warm lights coming from inside the bar and the extra glass of beer sitting there, itís a welcoming scene. I think itís something thatís widely relatable. I wanted people to look at it and be reminded that we have some very big city benefits and of the good parts of the community.

Brick facades, hurrahs
Saxes squeal, eyes peel, toast to:
Armory nights

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