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Victoria Taylor
Being an SU student, Iíve been on a lot of Centro buses, especially going to the ComArt Building. Iíve also taken the bus downtown, where you see all kinds of people, not just SU studentsópeople living life, actually taking the bus to work. Itís a huge relief, coming into a warm bus from outside. Even riding the bus, when someone else comes on, you feel the chill as soon as the doors open. It makes you grateful for the heat.

For the illustration, I had models. And it actually is a photo of downtown in the background. I did this digitally mostly. I sketched it out with traditional media, pencil on board. I used my reference photos to illustrate the characters. I painted some in water color. Then I scanned it into Photoshop, put in the photo, and painted the rest digitally. I love adding detail, just continuing, in a stream of consciousness.

Bus stop shuffling feet
when doors open, winter enters
glasses fog, cheeks burn

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