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Erica Bortnick
When I read this haiku, I laughed at it at first, which is why I wanted to illustrate it. Anyone who lives in Syracuse, or has been to Syracuse, knows that the snow is intense here. My family recently moved from the Boston area to Virginia, and we donít really have winter down there. Itís kind of sad. I love the snow. Thereís something magical when it covers everything, and I just love the smell of the air, the way the sky looks after a snowfall. I love playing in it. I just love everything about snow.

With the illustration, I wanted the trees symmetrical, framing the piece, like a wedding arch. And when I drew the figure with the shovel, I used my own coat in the drawing, because thatís the coat I have to wear when it gets really cold.

Snow is falling thick,
Covering me with white lace,
I've wed my shovel.

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