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Our 2017 Posters:

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Syracuse Art Poster : Fish Play in Canal

Canal weeds shimmy
up to the surface as sun
fish play hide and seek

Poet: Rosalyn Carroll
Artist: Bobby Davison
Item#: 2017SYR01

Syracuse Art Poster : Dandy skateboarders fly to school

Dandy skateboarders
fly to school—mdashsoon the trees will
flaunt their new clothes, too.

Poet: Chen Chen
Artist: Carly Wright
Item#: 2017SYR02

Syracuse Art Poster : Red tailed hawk circles the field

Quick pivot, braid flies
Red tailed hawk circles the field
As Iroquois score

Poet: Sheila Forsyth
Artist: Cannon David
Item#: 2017SYR03

Syracuse Art Poster : canal side commerce

canal side commerce
briefcase, balloon, umbrella
echos of past steps

Poet: Ross Getman
Artist: Tong 'Amy' Su
Item#: 2017SYR04

Syracuse Art Poster : Syracuse Weather, Snow

Snow piles high and soft
wind blows the sun through my bones:
Syracuse weather

Poet: Linda Griggs
Artist: Tatiana Diaz
Item#: 2017SYR05

Syracuse Art Poster : Silky Guinness Poured

At a corner stool
Beige froth nearly overflows
Silky Guinness poured

Poet: Abigail Lent
Artist: Mack Muller
Item#: 2017SYR06

Syracuse Art Poster : Crescent Moon

Crescent moon, hung close
to earth, a silver sliver
caught in smoke-dark clouds

Poet: Peggy Liuzzi
Artist: Geani Sanabria
Item#: 2017SYR07

Syracuse Art Poster : Books in the central library, past story

So many books here
in the central library—
pages of the past.

Poet: Tara Miner
Artist: Lara Hirschberg
Item#: 2017SYR08

Syracuse Art Poster : A City Asleep

Upon a hillside
From this height I see below
A city asleep

Poet: Kiru Morrissette
Artist: Kelly O'Neill
Item#: 2017SYR09

Syracuse Art Poster : Autumn Sunshine, Leaves Dance

Crisp autumn sunshine
Shadows stretch while dry leaves dance
Warm scarf pulled tightly

Poet: William Padgett
Artist: Autumn Wilson
Item#: 2017SYR10

Syracuse Art Poster : Children Sleep, Warm Pajamas

Children sleep soundly
in warm winter pajamas—
snowman guards their dreams.

Poet: Nicholas Petrone
Artist: Marisa Rother
Item#: 2017SYR11

Syracuse Art Poster : Snowflake, Syracuse

Snowflakes hitch a ride
Like an uninvited guest
Leave my scarf dripping

Poet: Tanya Raymond
Artist: Lara Hirschberg
Item#: 2017SYR12

Syracuse Art Poster : Freedom Rings, A Caffeine Buzzer

Benjamin keeps watch
where freedom rings each morning
a caffeine buzzer

Poet: Erin Stepowany
Artist: Laura Mead
Item#: 2017SYR13

Syracuse Art Poster : Blossoms Burst, Franklin Square

Blossoms burst above!
A lacey white canopy
reigns in Franklin Square.

Poet: Susan Stiles
Artist: Amber Roach
Item#: 2017SYR14

Syracuse Art Poster : Shakespeare in the Park

Kings, Queens, Knaves, Fairies,
Betrayals, ill-starred lovers.
Shakespeare in the Park

Poet: Robert Stone
Artist: Monica Rexach Ortiz
Item#: 2017SYR15

Syracuse Art Poster : Your hand in my hand, Love

Leaf-strewn vibrant woods
Cinnamon spice and sweaters
Your hand in my hand

Poet: Elizabeth Westfall
Artist: Gabriella Silverstein
Item#: 2017SYR16


Buy this entire year's poster series at a discount.

In addition to making large-format posters for display downtown, each year we mount a traveling exhibit of framed poster prints. The exhibit goes to a new public venue every month or so. When the new year's poster come out, we swap out the frames. We then offer the remaindered prints for sale. These have been dry mounted to foam core board, and are ready to be matted and framed in 18 x 24 - inch frames.

We sell an entire year's series-16 prints, together with an informational text board for each print-for $320. That's like getting the dry mounting and text boards for free. It's a great way to beautify a sizable space-a café, lobby, hallway-with a single, economical purchase. To inquire, send us an email.

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