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Splash poetry installation
Joe Murphy and Jason Evans installing splash poetry.


Splash Poetry Installation

When is an invisible poem visible? With our splash poetry installation, the answer is in the weather: when it rains. Or when a savvy passerby spalshes the sidewalk with water.

In May, board members Joe Murphy and Jason Evans stenciled 10 haiku from our archives at select downtown spots, using a special spray paint. The paint remains clear until it gets wet; it then appears light gray.

Take a tour on a rainy day, or try spashing the poems with water. You'll find work by 10 poets: Pearl Baldwin, Ralph Long Jr., Claire Bobrycki, Molly English, Ross Getman, Kali Huff, Thea St. Omer, Tom Huff, Sara Parrott, and Bryan Wilbur.

Download a list and map of selected poems by clicking here.

After a month or two, the poems wash away. We may occasionally refresh them. Meanwhile, enjoy a video of the process by clicking here.

Syracuse Arts and Crafts Festival.
Syracuse Arts and Crafts Festival 2017

Syracuse Arts and Crafts Festival.

We'll be particpating in the Syracuse Arts and Crafts Festival, Friday through Sunday, July 27 to 29, in and around Columbus Circle. It's our favorite festival for the stately downtown setting, the roving musicians, and the excellent turn out of artists and crafters. Look for us on East Onondaga Street not far from the Mission Restaurant. In addition to our routine offerings, we'll be test flying new note cards.

For more info, check out the festival's website.

Painting in Maxwell Library 2018
Maxwell Library 2018.

Traveling Exhibition

Our traveling exhibit spends July at Maxwell Memorial Library, 14 Genesee St., in Camillus. We like Maxwell for its fresh feeling interior, set off by historic touches, such as the image pictured here, and the historic building itself. Drop by to see the 16 prints from the 2018 poster series and enjoy the library's special programing.

Maxwell offers activities for many differant ages, like Sally's Story Time for preschoolers Monday through Wednesday and Tween Scene, which offers crafts, projects, games, and open mic events.

View Maxwell's upcoming events by clicking here.

Improvised drawing of Syracuse
Improvisational Illustration

See a Video of Improvisational Drawing

This improviational illustration was created in the spring of 2014 as a prelude to a portrait demonstration given by visiting artist Max Ginsberg to the Syracuse University Illustation Program.

For the prelude, Stanislas Martin-Finzo, coordinator of the SU Illustration Abroad Program in Strasbourg, France, arranged a collaborative drawing performance with the SU Jazz Band and several illustration students. Students created music and art based on elements of free jazz.

We are proud to sell a signed sketch made in preparation for the peformance by illustrators Nkiru Sewell, Monica Sofia Rexach Ortiz, Loic Urbaniak, and William Smith. Smith went on be featured in the 2016 poster series; Ortiz, in the 2017 series.

This framed work, 26 x 34 inches, is valued at $500. Inquire about buying it by emailing

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