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Our 2017 Posters:

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Syracuse Art Poster : Fairies in Garden

Canal weeds shimmy
up to the surface as sun
fish play hide and seek

Poet: Rosalyn Carroll
Artist: Bobby Davison
Item#: 2017SYR01

Syracuse Art Poster : Skulls and Roses

Dandy skateboarders
fly to school—mdashsoon the trees will
flaunt their new clothes, too.

Poet: Chen Chen
Artist: Carly Wright
Item#: 2017SYR02

Syracuse Art Poster : Children Playing in Rain

Quick pivot, braid flies
Red tailed hawk circles the field
As Iroquois score

Poet: Sheila Forsyth
Artist: Cannon David
Item#: 2017SYR03

Syracuse Art Poster : Home and Love for Pets, Dogs

canal side commerce
briefcase, balloon, umbrella
echos of past steps

Poet: Ross Getman
Artist: Tong 'Amy' Su
Item#: 2017SYR04

Syracuse Art Poster : Lacrosse Sticks in Air, Native American

Snow piles high and soft
wind blows the sun through my bones:
Syracuse weather

Poet: Linda Griggs
Artist: Tatiana Diaz
Item#: 2017SYR05

Syracuse Art Poster : Girl Swimming in Green Lake

At a corner stool
Beige froth nearly overflows
Silky Guinness poured

Poet: Abigail Lent
Artist: Mack Muller
Item#: 2017SYR06

Syracuse Art Poster : Children on Halloween, Autumn Leaves

Crescent moon, hung close
to earth, a silver sliver
caught in smoke-dark clouds

Poet: Peggy Liuzzi
Artist: Geani Sanabria
Item#: 2017SYR07

Syracuse Art Poster : University Buildings, Architecture

So many books here
in the central library—
pages of the past.

Poet: Tara Miner
Artist: Lara Hirschberg
Item#: 2017SYR08

Syracuse Art Poster : Castles, Dreams, and Fairy Tales

Upon a hillside
From this height I see below
A city asleep

Poet: Kiru Morrissette
Artist: Kelly O'Neill
Item#: 2017SYR09

Syracuse Art Poster : Saltine Warrior Statue, Native American

Crisp autumn sunshine
Shadows stretch while dry leaves dance
Warm scarf pulled tightly

Poet: William Padgett
Artist: Autumn Wilson
Item#: 2017SYR10

Syracuse Art Poster : Dragon Fire and Fantasy Fireworks

Children sleep soundly
in warm winter pajamas—
snowman guards their dreams.

Poet: Nicholas Petrone
Artist: Marisa Rother
Item#: 2017SYR11

Syracuse Art Poster : Blue Dragonfly over Green Lake

Snowflakes hitch a ride
Like an uninvited guest
Leave my scarf dripping

Poet: Tanya Raymond
Artist: Lara Hirschberg
Item#: 2017SYR12

Syracuse Art Poster : Walt, the Loch West Monster, City Sculpture

Benjamin keeps watch
where freedom rings each morning
a caffeine buzzer

Poet: Erin Stepowany
Artist: Laura Mead
Item#: 2017SYR13

Syracuse Art Poster : Clinton Square, Lights, Music, and Night Sky

Blossoms burst above!
A lacey white canopy
reigns in Franklin Square.

Poet: Susan Stiles
Artist: Amber Roach
Item#: 2017SYR14

Syracuse Art Poster : Historic Salt City Express, Train Engine

Kings, Queens, Knaves, Fairies,
Betrayals, ill-starred lovers.
Shakespeare in the Park

Poet: Robert Stone
Artist: Monica Rexach Ortiz
Item#: 2017SYR15

Syracuse Art Poster : Dance and Music Party in City Club

Leaf-strewn vibrant woods
Cinnamon spice and sweaters
Your hand in my hand

Poet: Elizabeth Westfall
Artist: Gabriella Silverstein
Item#: 2017SYR16

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