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Our 2016 Posters:

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Syracuse Art Poster : Fairies in Garden

Milkweed and sumac
maintain the integrity
of August's garden

Poet: Ellen Agnew
Artist: Christina O'Donnell
Item#: 2016SYR01

Syracuse Art Poster : Skulls and Roses

Cold beer and guitars
Tattoos and motorcycles
Welcome to Blues Fest

Poet:Dennen Bunger
Artist:Olivia Ferlenda
Item#: 2016SYR02

Syracuse Art Poster : Children Playing in Rain

Splashing in puddles
Umbrellas spin in the air
A childhood rainstorm

Poet: Grace Carroll
Artist: Madeleine Slade
Item#: 2016SYR03

Syracuse Art Poster : Home and Love for Pets, Dogs

Dare I hope again?
Human eyes reveal few truths,
Still, I hope once more.

Poet: Aubrey Joy Cooper
Artist: Tim Coolbaugh
Item#: 2016SYR04

Syracuse Art Poster : Lacrosse Sticks in Air, Native American

Smoke threads over a
Haudenosaunee sunrise,
two lacrosse sticks crack.

Poet: Peter DeBlois
Artist: Tyler Bates Hill
Item#: 2016SYR05

Syracuse Art Poster : Girl Swimming in Green Lake

Swimming in Green Lake
Submerged as if in a dream:
Water's warm embrace

Poet: Silvia de la Garza
Artist: Son Tuyen Huynh
Item#: 2016SYR06

Syracuse Art Poster : Children on Halloween, Autumn Leaves

Bountiful orchards
Pumpkin patches, Trick-or-Treat
Oh, crisp, sweet autumn

Poet: Audia Denton
Artist: Elizabeth Michals
Item#: 2016SYR07

Syracuse Art Poster : University Buildings, Architecture

Thousands march like ants
Uphill. Wearing orange, blue
Invade a white dome.

Poet: Thomas Michael Duncan
Artist: Cecily Thomas
Item#: 2016SYR08

Syracuse Art Poster : Castles, Dreams, and Fairy Tales

I slip the key in
Pages of the book unfold
A new world opens

Poet: Linda Green
Artist: Sarah Collins
Item#: 2016SYR09

Syracuse Art Poster : Saltine Warrior Statue, Native American

Secluded glory
Red and orange tradition
Saltine bow poised taut

Poet: Lewis Hylton
Artist: William Smith IV
Item#: 2016SYR10

Syracuse Art Poster : Dragon Fire and Fantasy Fireworks

Sulfur scent, dragons
linger, glow like jellyfish,
spit smoke, float; fireworks.

Poet: Rachael Ikins
Artist: Lindsey Leigh
Item#: 2016SYR11

Syracuse Art Poster : Blue Dragonfly over Green Lake

An ocean blue sky
floating over cool Green Lakes
A dragonfly dreams

Poet: Jungtae Lee
Artist: Devyn Passaretti
Item#: 2016SYR12

Syracuse Art Poster : Walt, the Loch West Monster, City Sculpture

Steely blue serpent
Emerges from soft green grass—
The snake charmer sits

Poet: Erik Lilly
Artist: Lazaro Sanchez
Item#: 2016SYR13

Syracuse Art Poster : Clinton Square, Lights, Music, and Night Sky

Clinton Square back beat
to a twelve-bar-blues rhythm
Jazz in the City

Poet: Joe Sarnicola
Artist: Vanessa Castillo
Item#: 2016SYR14

Syracuse Art Poster : Historic Salt City Express, Train Engine

Salt City Express—
the bright silver reflection
in an old manís eyes

Poet: Susan Scholl
Artist: Ashley Petras
Item#: 2016SYR15

Syracuse Art Poster : Dance and Music Party in City Club

Hips swing in the breeze
Trumpets snaring the late sun
Jazz in the City!

Poet: Martin Walls
Artist: Sabrina Elahi
Item#: 2016SYR16

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