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Our 2012 Posters:

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Syracuse Art Poster: Birdhouses on Meadowbrook Drive in Syracuse

Bird houses appeared
overnight on Meadowbrook:
Neighborhood magic

Poet: Scott Austin
Artist: Katie Martello
Item#: 2012SYR01

Syracuse Art Poster: Waiting for the night train in Syracuse

Gleaming ghosts still wait
At a vacant train station
This is their last stop

Poet: Julia Calagiovanni
Artist: Amabel Caba
Item#: 2012SYR02

Syracuse Art Poster: Syracuse Savings Bank with woman shoveling snow

Snow is falling thick,
Covering me with white lace,
I've wed my shovel.

Poet: Rosalyn Carroll
Artist: Erica Bortnick
Item#: 2012SYR03

Syracuse Art Poster: Onondaga Lake Skatepark

Onondaga ramps
Lake Park teens jump all day
radical flip-turns

Poet: Jennifer Fulco
Artist: William M. Burns
Item#: 2012SYR04

Syracuse Art Poster: Winter fashion in Syracuse

hard concrete, cold day
gingerly I step over
sweet dreams brave flower

Poet: Aimee Hillman
Artist: Erin Kidd
Item#: 2012SYR05

Syracuse Art Poster: Native American history in Syracuse

Before brick-laid streets
Before hand-dug waterways
This was good swampland

Poet: Tom Huff
Artist: Todd Conover
Item#: 2012SYR06

Syracuse Art Poster: Little Gem Diner in Syracuse

Flapjacks, hash, eggs, toast,
one dawn a sparkle faded.
Scrambled good people.

Poet: Linda Liddiard
Artist: Jacob Walker
Item#: 2012SYR07

Syracuse Art Poster: Franklin Square water tower monster

Blue water-dragon
of riveted steel facets
Guard well our creekwalk.

Poet: Robert Mengert
Artist: Andres Sanfeliu
Item#: 2012SYR08

Syracuse Art Poster: Centro riders in winter

Bus stop shuffling feet
when doors open, winter enters
glasses fog, cheeks burn

Poet: William Padgett
Artist: Victoria Taylor
Item#: 2012SYR09

Syracuse Art Poster:  Onondaga Community College campus

Community builds
bridges of thought between us,
hope for the future.

Poet: Sara Parrott
Artist: Skip Frost
Item#: 2012SYR10

Syracuse Art Poster: Winter woman dreaming of beach

Hear the snow crunch
underfoot as I'm walking
I dream of the beach

Poet: Michele Reed
Artist: Anna Rettberg
Item#: 2012SYR11

Syracuse Art Poster: Elephants at Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Elephant splashes
in our zoo pool, children beg
"Can I jump in too?"

Poet: Renee Romance
Artist: Susan Un
Item#: 2012SYR12

Syracuse Art Poster: Girl waiting for snow days

Waiting for snow days
little feet in plastic bags
waterproof fall shoes.

Poet: Amie St. Amour
Artist: Molly Snee
Item#: 2012SYR13

Syracuse Art Poster: Woman dreaming of crows

With wide wings like oars
black crows row a stormy sky
while I toss and turn

Poet: Joan Sauro
Artist: Emily Ramon
Item#: 2012SYR14

Syracuse Art Poster: Waiting for the bus in Syracuse

Waiting for the bus
among spires and concrete
Some tenderness here.

Poet: Bruce Smith
Artist: Kathleen Perez
Item#: 2012SYR15

Syracuse Art Poster: Children playing in Elmwood Park

Red-tailed hawk sails high
Over kids and dogs splashing:
Elmwood Park summer.

Poet: Jane Woodman
Artist: Morgan Spicer
Item#: 2012SYR16

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