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Our 2007 Posters:

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Syracuse Art Poster: Saint Pauls Cathedral in Syracuse

Stained glass snowflakes fall
past the cathedral windows
gathering of souls

Poet: Paul Goat Allen
Artist: Elizabeth Phillips
Item#: 2007SYR01

Syracuse Art Poster: Syracuse woman with autumn leaves

Breathe in—step, crunch, look.
Red, gold, orange, brown—breathe out
Fall in Syracuse

Poet: Claire Bobrycki
Artist: Lucas Slominski
Item#: 2007SYR02

Syracuse Art Poster: Winter chickadees

Ten below zero
Chickadees go on chirping
Outside my window

Poet: Claire Bobrycki
Artist: Mike Tanoory
Item#: 2007SYR03

Syracuse Art Poster: Fishing in  Nine Mile Creek

Cold hands, smoky breath
Brown trout jumping Nine Mile Creek
in the April dawn

Poet: Claire Bobrycki
Artist: Wei Hsing
Item#: 2007SYR04

Syracuse Art Poster: Armory Square and Onondaga Creek

Flotilla of ducks
Swimming toward Armory Square
Don't know summer's gone

Poet: Sherry Chayat
Artist: Emily Lopuch
Item#: 2007SYR05

Syracuse Art Poster: Geese and Onondaga Creek

Geese honking southward
Over Onondaga Creek—
Whirling dervish leaves

Poet: Sherry Chayat
Artist: Maria Teresa L. Madariaga
Item#: 2007SYR06

Syracuse Art Poster: Syracuse hotdogs

Lunchtime on a bench
in Hanover Square—hot dog
mustard hits my shoe

Poet: Jay Cox
Artist: Caitlin Berry
Item#: 2007SYR07

Syracuse Art Poster: Syracuse blues poster

these Syracuse blues
two parts snow and two parts cold
soul red hot to burn

Poet: Arthur Flowers
Artist: Lydia Nichols
Item#: 2007SYR08

Syracuse Art Poster: Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Syracuse

Sculpted heroes stand
guard on the icy square where
cold blades dart and glide

Poet: Mary L. Gardner
Artist: Chris Casciano
Item#: 2007SYR09

Syracuse Art Poster:  Outdoor dining in Armory Square

Dog sleeps safe from rain,
nestled in blankets, my feet
warm up, beneath her

Poet: Robert Gaurnier
Artist: Bret Supranowicz
Item#: 2007SYR10

Syracuse Art Poster: Schiller Park in Syracuse

Two Schiller Park bards
oversee the city below:
poem in motion

Poet: Ellen McNeal
Artist: Rich Kelly
Item#: 2007SYR11

Syracuse Art Poster: Paper collage of heron

View from my window
Heron fishing in the pond
Autumn leaves falling

Poet: Michele Reed
Artist: Christine Mitchell
Item#: 2007SYR12

Syracuse Art Poster: Painting of puppies in autumn

Walking my puppy—
Hear him crunch through autumn leaves
The next minute—snow!

Poet: Michele Reed
Artist: Jessica Colton
Item#: 2007SYR13

Syracuse Art Poster: Colemans Pub and leprechaun door

Our Irish landmark
Green light proudly wears the crown
Tipperary Hill

Poet: Jennifer Sanford
Artist: Joseph Murphy
Item#: 2007SYR14

Syracuse Art Poster: Full moon over Syracuse

Past a sagging gate
Of stars, the city takes long
sips of the cool moon

Poet: Marilyn Shelton
Artist: Jim Louden
Item#: 2007SYR15

Syracuse Art Poster: Landmark Theater in Syracuse

Like art's alchemy
Landmark theater can mold
Stage performance gold

Poet: Mark Shevalier
Artist: Andrew Lyons
Item#: 2007SYR16

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